There is a community and service point for every one. We invite you to explore the various ministries available at Throne of Grace.

Gideon (Men's Ministry)

This department hosts annual Men’s Weekend and organizes other functions to encourage brethren to participate in the works of the ministry.

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Prudent Women (Women's Ministry)

The women’s department is the female arm of the church. It consists of all dedicated, wonderful women, desiring to do the will of God.

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Chosen Treasure (Children Church)

This department oversees the spiritual and welfare need of the children’s church.

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Royal Priesthood

This is our teen ministry. We understand the importance of teenagers in the church. 

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YASM (a.k.a Salt of the Earth)

Salt of the earth is our young adult ministry. We understand that younger folks in this present generation and age have lots of personal issues and challenges that they are facing. 

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Couples Fellowship

We understand the need of learning from one another as couples. Marriage is an institution that was ordained by God. The devil is arduously fighting against this institution. One thing we have come to realize is that nothing is new under the sun, hence, information is the key. All that will do in our couple’s fellowship is to learn God’s purpose for marriage, share personal experience, learn, unlearned, pray for our marriage, and have lots of fun together.

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Streams of Grace

This is the worship ministry in our church, we understand the importance of praise and worship. God dwells in the praises of His people. 

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Media Ministry

Our media and sound department is the ministry that ensure quality audio visual whenever we come together to worship as a church both online and in person.

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Sunday School Ministry

Every Sunday morning before we start our celebration service our Sunday class usually holds. 

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Evangelism and Outreach Ministry

We understand that evangelism is the heartbeat of God. Our goal is to win souls for Christ irrespective of their creed or race. 

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Welcome and Follow up

This department meet with our first timers during all our services to give them all the information about who we are, pray with them and check on first time guest.

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This department welcome everyone to church and also ensures that we have an organized seating arrangement. 

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Holy Janitors

Responsible for keeping the house of God and its environs clean always.

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This department is in charge of refreshment and entertaining our guest in all our services.

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Facility Maintenance

This department ensures that our building and equipment are adequately maintained thereby creating a conducive atmosphere for the parishioners to worship God.

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Tech Ministry

Our tech department manages all our software equipment. Furthermore, this department is also part of our empowerment ministry. 

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